January 11, 2018

Update on Zoning Appeal for Heritage Cove Farm

Thank you for supporting Heritage Cove Farm in our efforts along with others, to create a world where people affected by mental illness can experience resiliency, recovery, and wellness.

We couldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for the encouragement and advice of each of our board of directors, our attorneys, family, longtime friends, and those new friends that became known to us and wanted to lend a hand. I’ve been continually amazed during this journey, how each time I became frustrated or challenged, someone came along at just the right moment, with just the right words, to reignite the fire I needed to “fight the fight”.

michigan court building lansing - image

I experienced this very feeling just the other day when Larry and I received a long-awaited telephone call from our attorney, Rick Rassel.  After almost three years, and two appeals by the Grandview Beach Association (GBVA), we learned that the Michigan Court of Appeals had finally set a date for our case! On January 4, 2018 our case went before a panel of three Court of Appeals Judges in Lansing, Michigan, for oral argument.  We are confident that we will prevail, and that it is only a matter of time before the hurdles and roadblocks (camouflaged by ignorance and bias against the mentally ill) are behind us!

michigan supreme court - image

Please consider giving a tax-deductible donation to Heritage Cove Farm. Your donation is a source of hope and peace of mind for people affected by mental illness. On behalf of our Board of Directors, we are honored to have you as a part of the Heritage Cove Farm Family.


Betsy Acari Hanson
Board Chairman, Heritage Cove Farm

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